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8-Bit Rap Battle

Throwing it down, 8-bit style.

8-Bit Rap Battle Community
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8 bit rap battle, listen up!

This is the place to hone your lyrical skills, to the theme of the 8-bit gaming world. Throw down your lyrics, and get ready to be challenged. The only rules are as follows:

Keep the posts on topic. If you're not rappin', save your words for the replies. Better yet, battle on back in the post replies.

Standard Rap Battle etiquette is to make it one-on-one, so if you see someone you want to challenge, throw it down in a whole new thread.

If your words aren't fit for kids, stick 'em behind an LJ-cut, make sure they're labeled Not Safe For Work. [NSFW]

Don't post pictures. If you absolutely have to, stick 'em behind a cut.