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8-Bit Rap Battle
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Monday, June 6th, 2011
5:20 pm
Рэп — мой стиль жизни

Любите рэп и все, что с ним связано? Не можете и дня прожить без речетатива в наушниках? Тогда конкурс «Рэп — мой стиль жизни» для вас! У вас есть уникальная возможность попасть на концерт сразу трех харизматичных рэперов!

Догадываетесь, кто это?

Ну, конечно же, Loc-Dog, Словетский Константа и Slim, выступление которых состоится 24 июня в парке им. Горького в Москве!

Уже представили, как зажигаете на танцполе и подпеваете своим кумирам? Тогда внимание!

Условие конкурса:
пришлите небольшой рассказ на тему «Почему я люблю рэп» и приложите к нему свою фотографию в рэперском прикиде!

Победитель будет награжден двумя билетами на концерт, а также получит стильную тетрадь «На лекцию!» с автографами крутых парней!

рэп, Loc-Dog, Словетский Константа, Slim

Куда присылать рассказ и прочие подробности

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
11:29 pm
From a quick stop at Merv's Burger Joint
Where you get smiles for free
I'm bringin' back the 8-bit old-skool
And hear this from me...

Just like the Frat Guys in River City
What you bring to the table is nothin' but shitty
Lemme tell ya like Alex and Ryan
With your rhymes, too hard you're tryin'

Me? myself, I got the Techno Belt
And with my iron bar i'll leave a welt
With the Texas Boots from Happy Feet Shoes
Soon, like Slick, you'll be singin' the blues

Cause i'll be hittin' up the hotties
In Pop's Health Club we'll be gettin' naughty
Uppin' my Stamina, Defense, and Max Power
All the while with her in the shower

So don't cry, and don't be blue
Even if you're like the Generic Dudes
Ya just gotta chill and hang loose
And at least you're not like that fool Moose

Peace Out

-Charlie / Dj Cabbage / Shunt Trip
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
2:22 pm

New in the hood, it's blastah mastah Rei
Better find cover, when he joins the fray
Step off Bahu, with your firepower
Sounds more like a plastic fireflower.

Got a schtoagie in one paw, got my b*tch in the othah'
What do you have that I don't? Just ask you mothah'
I'm the crashbreaker in your street
I'm the hidden mine at your feet
I'll detonate in your face, and come back for anothah'

Current Mood: Niccin'
Monday, March 21st, 2005
12:32 pm
Bang bang bang, get some - priority
I've got the Contra-like superiority!
Step right up now, prove that you're a man
I've got mad firepower just like a Turrican!
Left left right, banging out a star
you think you're Mike on the mike?
I'll show you who you are!
Words to the left, and lyrics to the right,
mar-i-o screamin' TKO, that's the end of this fight!
Friday, March 11th, 2005
2:18 pm
Some Reggae for the long drive home...
Spinnin' down funky town 8-bit style,
drivin' like a Spy Hunter for the past ten miles,
this downtempo beat on River City street
has got me goin in' circles.

Got a fine floatin' car drivin like a cloud,
throwing out my spinies for the crowd,
flippin' my switch out in the sun,
for silver coins sharin' out for everyone.

Chillin... Lakitu style...
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
4:13 pm
The one that started it all...
bahumat: Bam! I'm the B-O-B, no dragon can aspire
all them sucka cherries, can call me sire!
To burn yo cave, I will blow fire!
But my blown-up bubbles let me jump higher!

cleverfox: Bitch, you wanna bring this?
Pitfall style, I'm gonna swing this!
You wanna burn my cave but all you got is smoke,
makin' all them blue cars with spikes behind you choke.

You got a lyrical one shot, I got the super bomb.
I'll blow you off the screen before you even on.
My vocal tiger heli got lasers in all directions,
the highest of your scores is at the bottom of my collection.

bahumat:Rippin' up your level, whatsamatter crocagator?
Got the resolution, looks like I'm the decade later!
Sweet candy in my mouth spittin words like lightnin'
and my hip-hoppin nikes makin ma speed frightenin'!

E to the X, t end the D hey,
pre-l33t rap skillz givin' me the free play!
You got a chopper? Me, I live life sweeter,
clearin' your hood makes me a giant eater.

cleverfox:Why you still open your mouth, all it's good for is eatin' pellets.
Your style's gonna need more than some blue ghosts to try to sell it.
My score's still rollin' higher, I'm collecting extra lives.
Takin' out your verbal ghouls with my sweet lyrical knives.

You're facing the final boss, I'm a level past what you've ever seen.
I got so much size in my style I can fill up your whole screen.
You can shoot and you can dodge but my vocal lasers gonna get ya.
You're the pesky koopa troopa, no way this plumber's gonna sweat ya.
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